The Seven Days of 1809

Napoleon and the Archduke Charles

THE TIME IS: 0500 hours., 17 April 1809
At the end of a 96-hour journey from Paris, as the Emperor stepped out of his carriage in Donauworth, Bavaria, his army was in an extremely hazardous position. Even if Davout and Massena had concentrated, the position would have been bad enough. But, thanks to Berthier's misunderstandings, they are ninety miles apart. The Archduke Charles, with nearly 90,000 men, is moving across the Isar River at Landshut. Two very easy marches will take his main body to the Danube at Kelheim or Ratisbon, whilst between Massena, in Augsburg, and Davout, in Ratisbon, were four days march. In this space there was nothing to oppose the Austrians except 27,000 Bavarian troops.

SEVEN SCENARIOS: The Austrian Advance to the Danube, The Trap Closes, The Emperor Arrives, The Battle of Abensberg, The Maneuver of Landshut, The Battle of Eckmuhl, and The Campaign Game (various start dates).

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