Operational Studies Group (OSG) is a leader in the design and production of Napoleonic Wargames. OSG's Board Wargames are played on historically-accurate heavy-stock paper maps. The armies and leaders that move across the maps are represented by 1/2" square die-cut cardboard playing pieces.

Napoleonic Operations

Our focus is on the Operational Level, which is midway between Strategy (the overall war aims of a nation) and tactics (action on the battlefield). "Operations" was everything the leaders on both sides did to achieve their nation's strategic goals. The goal of operations in the Napoleonic era was to achieve a preponderance of force on the chosen battlefield and to insure the battle occurred most advantageously. Napoleon was predominantly the master of the operational art, and it was at this level that most of his victories were ensured. His "Military Maxims" reveal part of the secret of his success.

“Operational” is the term coined by Russian theorists in the 20th century to describe the interface between strategic and tactical levels. To operate, in a Napoleonic sense, is to achieve a series of combined moves, usually capped by one major battle, according to a plan [L. operatus, pp. of operari, to work, from opus, operis, work.]

A valuable tool to study the major battles

We have embarked on an ambitious project to simulate 70 important battles of the Napoleonic Era, at the same scale, grouped in individual volumes by campaign and year. A valuable tool to study and compare all the major battles with a game system that has a proven track record of playability and unparalleled historicity. Each volume includes 3 to 5 games, with 3 to 5 maps, 280 or 560 counters, two separate rules folders, 100 cards, and player aids. The series is described in detail on our Game Library page.

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One hour turns; 480 meters per hex; 400-800 men per strength point

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