Napoleon at the Crossroads

The Highways to Leipzig 14 August - 25 October 1813

The Autumn of 1813 was the most active period in the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon at the Crossroads covers the Autumn campaign at a scale which focuses on the strategic issues and emphasizes playability, with several battle scenarios playable in an evening, and full campaign in about 8 hours.

14 August Opening Moves
23 August Grossbeeren
26 August Katzbach and Dresden
4 September Dennewitz
19 September The Coming Storm
28 September Wartenberg
7 October Napoleon at the Crossroads
13 October The Battle of Nations

The Campaign Game allows you to see all the action of the entire period in 24 turns. If you own "Four Lost Battles," this game puts those battles in context (even outlining them on the game map). An area of 12 x 12 hexes in "Four Lost Battles" (525 yards each) will fit in one 3.75-mile hex (6,600 yards).