Vol. 3, Nr. 3

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Discussion by Moeller on his derailment at Vauchamps. The video of the session is also highly rated.
THE "1R" RESULT This Consimworld Conversation may be arcane to those who haven't played the game some. But there are some good things, including a description of the troops in Marmont's VI Corps.
A FINE BALANCE between playability and that other thing.
BAGGAGES HO! Am I the only one interested in this?
VEDETTE ENCOUNTERS Finally, some source material instead of just going on smatterings. Based on de Brack, "Cavalry Outpost Duties." De Brack mentions that at 2,000 meters men and horses are mere points, but at 700 m, men's heads are disinctly seen. There is even a diagram from the original Austrian Service Manual, showing how the vedettes should form a chain in front of the main body.
OPERATIONAL ART is one of the main articles, explains how operations were done at this scale and talks about the C3 Loop. Lots of quotes from Napoleon. Stages of the Strategical Battle.
THIN RED LINE discusses a common myth. David Chandler on Ligny. Strongpoints on the Napoleonic Battlefield. Contrasting the Prussian tactics at Ligny with those at Jena.