Vol. 4, Nr. 2

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Editorial: That Thing Called “Realism”
Game Designers: David Collins 
Bumps on the Road to Bautzen, Jean Foisy
NAC: Integrating Vedettes in CoN, Christopher Moeller
Chats by the Fire: Marches and Maneuvers, Vince Hughes
Designer’s Notes: Column Halt!
Orbat Notes: Commanding the Allies, Tim Carne
Orbat Notes: Crossing the Elster, Tim Carne
Design Files: Get Out of ZOC Free, Kevin Zucker
Design: Setting Limits in Wargame Design
Resurgence: Troops Left at Dresden, Jean Foisy
Update: Napoleon at the Crossroads
History Files: Napoleon at Vitebsk
Design Notes: Designing the Long Game
Design Files: March Rates, John Devereaux
Update: Napoleon’s Resurgence