Rick Barber Update

Our original tribute to Rick can be found here

 I was catching up on posts and came across this memory from, I think, Bennighof. 5823

I knew Rick for a very long time (we met in the 1980's at one of Zucker's back porch designer gatherings) but we were never close friends, just long-time acquaintances. 
I thought of Rick, and that night; everyone was there. Wimble, Herman, Prados, Radey, Borries, Greene, Isby, Zucker, Hamilton. Kevin fed us well. That was 30+ years ago now. Our works are writ on water, and in another 30 none of them will be remembered. 

I asked Ed Wimble to comment and he wrote as follows:

You had several gatherings.  I usually stayed at your house when Origins, or whatever con it was, was held in the inner harbor or Towson.  There was definitely at least one when all those folks were there.  I remember Tibbits was also at one, his son had been mugged that afternoon walking around the convention center.  Maybe this was the same one?  What stuck in my mind was he said something about being a Carlist when the conversation turned to political theory.  Prados thought that was hilarious.  Funny thing is I don't remember Barber being there.  Pretty sure this one was in the 2nd place you lived in because we were outside having a cook-out.  I don't think it was possible to do that at the first place that overlooked a gorge.

Rick's daughter, Nikki, wrote this post:

I have been crying happy tears over this thread—seeing the way his artwork and words touched you all means so much to me. My father didn’t live an easy and always happy life —his struggles were hard and the only silver lining I can find is that he is now free of the shackles of the human condition. I know he’ll often still be found walking along the Gettysburg trails and whistling in the wind. 

I am incredibly sad, and still in quite a bit of shock, but holding up okay. Thank you for thinking about me—and his cats! They are being taken care of by his neighbors, who also have a big love for feline companions. 

He died in his sleep of a heart attack, peacefully and hopefully without much pain. He was 66 - far too young. I had planned to have many years left to spend with him, picking at his intelligence and debating the thoughts that swirled in his brain. He was a great debater, as many of you seem to know.

I just thought I would drop a line and let you know that my family - his brothers and me - are taking care of everything and we will honor the maps and artwork that he left us. 

I ask that you please raise a glass in his honor today, and take a look at some of his maps or drawings. May we keep him alive by keeping his art a conversation piece.  Thank you all again for befriending my dad and being a wonderful community - he loved you all so much. 

Best wishes, Nikki Barber
Zucker house 1984
John Prados remembered that it was the large fortress-like stone house (above) with the verandah where he slept; the event was Origins '84.