The Causeway Bridge in Quadrilateral 

Andrew Hobley recently published an AAR on OSG’s new Lodi battle game. Below is copied the section of his review where he talks about attacking the Causeway.

A Hobley’s AAR on OSG’s Lodi battle game, Boardgamegeek:

I had struggled a bit with my understanding of the special rule in the scenario booklet, Rule 25.79 “Units must be in Road March to enter the Causeway hex. They may leave Road March in the hex and end their move there.” How can the French attack the causeway? Working it through step by step, and assuming the choice of words in each rules section is deliberate, Kevin has confirmed this is what happens.

The rules on Combat say nothing about having to ‘enter’ an enemy hex to attack it. You just have to be in a ZOC. So the French can move into the Town hex (1416) with normal movement. They stop in the enemy ZOC from the causeway. In the combat phase they must fight the Austrian artillery. Let us assume they get a DR or similar. The Austrians vacate the causeway. The French can now Advance after Combat under rule 12.4.

The Advance rules do not use the word ‘enter’ – they use ‘advance’. So the French do NOT have to be in Road March to advance after combat and occupy the causeway hex. And they do not have to be in Road March to attack out of the causeway hex. But once the French have captured the chateau and move off the bridge any reinforcements crossing the causeway must enter in Road March. And this means while on the causeway (going back to 7.53) the French cannot be reinforced – they will need a leader in the attacking stack so they can advance all undemoralised infantry in the stack if successful (12.4B).


I asked Hobbes if he allowed stacks to move across the bridge. I think there is nothing to prevent this.


A Hobley comments:

Do the scenario rules require a clarification? It may not hurt—a lot depends on how the reader's brain works—and what assumptions they bring. I have learnt—partly from Mr. Zucker’s explanations of the rules—you sometimes have to work through step by step, leaving your suppositions behind. And then it all makes sense. But a clarification may prevent some unnecessary rule questions. 

My reading is the rules say nothing about stacks NOT advancing across a causeway as part of Advance After Combat. But units cannot be stacked and move across a Causeway in the Movement Phase as they have to be in Road March and cannot stack in Road March. (Units NOT in Road March can move over a regular Bridge or Trestle in a stack, as nothing says they cannot.) 

And did he use 12.33 Retreats Across Bridges?

If I didn’t use 12.33 I should have. After all a Causeway in my mind is a sub-category of Bridge.