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Napoleon's Last Gamble Expansion Kit


Contains, two 11" x 34" map sections to extend the map south to Charleroi and north to Brussels. One four-page booklet containing scenario for the "Opening Round" and an extra map for the final move on Brussels, should the French get that far.

Wargame Design Magazine Volume 3 Collection

WDM Volume 3 Collection

If you are like me, you prefer to read the hard copy. This book will be professionally printed on high-quality stock with 108 pages containing the entire contents of Wargame Design issues 3, 4, and 5, perfect bound, like the special studies, with a color cover. Estimated Publication Date: December 21st, 2014.

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OSG Introductory game

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1814: Campaign in France, Part I

Zucker in Leipzig, 200th Anniversary Observances

5th Edition now in Print! 1813: War of Liberation

http://youtu.be/uX0Q-VdFW-s and http://youtu.be/Rx4fYUQtP_Q

Napoleon at Leipzig is a comprehensive game with a proven track record of excellent re-playability, among the most popular Napoleonic wargames of all time with 20,000 copies in print across the first 4 editions. Now it has a bigger playing area and more manpower for both sides, all working within a smooth and efficient engine of 19th-century warfare. Read On...

These four games explore the major battles of 1809, where Napoleon and his Army of Germany met their first setback in the shadow of Vienna, against a modernized Austrian Army under Archduke Charles . Each game shows the approach to the battlefield on the day before battle. The Wagram and Aspern-Essling games share one and the same battlefield on one map. Set at the scale of Napoleon's Last Battles-525 yards per hex and one hour turns-the game retains the Command System of Commanders and Corps Officers. Read On...



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COMPONENTS: FOUR 22 x 34" maps and 560 two-sided units; 56 pages of rules (Standard and Exclusive) including campaign analysis, designers notes and more; deck of 100 cards, one game box.